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The core principle of the association members and employees of Citizens Save Lives is integrity. We understand that we have a responsibility to deal fairly and honestly with citizens, customers, colleagues, and suppliers from around the world.


We at Citizens Save Lives pride ourselves on our ability to work together as a team to meet the needs of our customers and suppliers. We see ourselves as a socially responsible company with a commitment to work daily to create the best possible products and services, thus ensuring rescuer protection, and increasing the number of lives saved.


We understand that in order to build solid, enduring relationships with our business partners, our conduct needs to be legal and ethical. We treat everyone with dignity and respect. We openly exchange information and experiences between our partners, we listen to each other and enjoy rapid, honest communication. We work hard to ensure a continual learning process, which makes it possible that all members and their staff, regardless of their cultural, racial and religious background, their gender, their level of education or their social, company-internal position are able to reach their full potential. Our versatility, that we recognize and maintain, is fed by the individual contribution of each and everyone. We deliver world class products and services and constantly strive to understand and surpass the expectations of our customers. Each of us is committed to working to maintain the highest possible standard of reliability and service.


The reality is that Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can happen anywhere, to anyone. Not only are we focused on offering and providing an emergency solution for SCA, but we also want to make sure that public rescuers around the world are able to quickly locate the nearest defibrillator. We are collaborating to create an app with an integrated global application for lay rescuers that enables them to find the nearest defibrillator location and at the same time alarms a registered first responder and leads him to the incident site.

It is in our and your personal interest to travel with heart safe companies, sleep in heart safe hotels and enjoy meals in heart safe restaurants. We want safe fitness clubs, gyms and leisure facilities. Our heart safe home protects our families, children, friends and also our neighbors.

Our Community

18 countries
85.786 installed defibrillators
3691 lives saved


Recent developments and requirements in a diversity of workplaces pose new challenges to the management of corporate health. The threat of a shortage of skilled labour, the on-going health maintenance of employees, the appropriation of age fair personnel policy, all combine to mean that staff-oriented action fields have increasingly become the focus of corporate strategy.

Currently, employers are looking to ensure the physical and mental well-being of their workers, thus ensuring their hard work, loyalty and dedication to the company. Corporate health management is considered a competitive factor of a company and because of the demographic transition, less young qualified employees enter the market, while at the same time it becomes mandatory to maintain the health of older workers until retirement.

Citizens Saves Lives will help you with the creation and implementation of a holistic, successful company health management plan. Our experts will collaborate to ensure that your company receives methods and solutions that are particular to your individual needs as a company. We understand that the health of your employees is key to achieving a long term measurable benefit, resulting in the increased value of your company.

Our medical Our medical devices are safe, easy to use and self-explanatory. Note that they are all also perfectly suitable for private use. devices are safe, easy to use and self-explanatory. Note that they are all also perfectly suitable for private use.

FACTS – Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)

It can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Some people who suffer from pre-existing conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, or whom have already endured a heart attack are at an increased risk. The heart will begin to race, and the heartbeats will become uncoordinated. The pumping power of the heart slows, and then the heart stops. Death will come within minutes.

There are many signs and symptoms of heart disease that may be detected and treated. Together with our partners, we offer many different screening methods.


The reality is: Just in Europe alone in this year another 800,000 people will die regarding sudden cardiac arrest. Over 82 percent of these victims will die at home, at work, or at a leisure activity. In an emergency situation such as this, every second counts. If the victim is unconscious, and without vital signs, treatment with a defibrillator must begin as soon as possible and a cardiac massage must be started immediately. Only then will the victim have a good chance of survival. Our defibrillators (AEDs) are easy to use, self-explanatory and absolutely safe. In addition, we offer so called cardiopulmonary resuscitation defibrillators, which guide and assist the emergency responder audibly during cardiac massage.


We have worked diligently to prevent against investments costs, high profit margins, and marketing and sales costs. Our mission is that you can't put a cost on saving lives. Simple device handling, safe technology and modern production processes guarantee maximum safety and efficiency, as well as a fair price point and an excellent performance ratio.

Other advantages include extended warranty periods and maintenance-free systems as well as low costs for replacement material, such as electrodes and batteries. Our offer also includes a free of cost defibrillator location registration. Additional in some selected countries we offer a combined risk insurance against bad weather conditions, vandalism and robbery.

We support all citizens as well as business customers with the purchasing, renting and leasing of life-saving defibrillators and other emergency equipment.


Every minute counts in an emergency situation! If an emergency occurs “take heart” and be sure not to lose any time: Call for help, notify an ambulance and start the resuscitation with cardiac massage. Locate the nearest defibrillator and use it immediately. Just turn it on and follow the instructions … it’s that simple! Countries around the world all have existing laws that protect the lay user from any liabilities.

Keep calm because you can do it! Become a hero and help to save lives worldwide.