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By using our services, you agree to all conditions. Your use of our services is subject to our Privacy Policy. It describes how we collect, use, share and store your personal information.

Please read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy carefully.
These Terms of Use apply to both registered users and non-registered users.
These terms of use apply only to our website www.cisali.com and the "Cisali" app.

We use the services of Google Maps as the basis of our location map and therefore refer additionally to the terms of use of Google Maps: https://www.google.com/intl/de_ALL/permissions/geoguidelines.html

Our Mission
Our Association of Citizens has set itself the goal, in addition to the existing possibilities of emergency call centres and aid organisations, to ensure that every citizen can bridge the time until the arrival of the emergency services and save lives. We have made it our goal to create a comprehensive and globally available defibrillator site overview and a network of trained first responders, available nearby. To achieve this, we need a global network of people who are independent, neutral, committed, and support our common goals.

Join in!
The basic functions of the app, such as the location map, the search for defibrillators or the emergency call and first aid alarms is possible without registering in the app.
However, if you want to fully use all functions, it is necessary to create an account.

For this we need the following information:
- Surname
- E-mail address
- Password

Please treat your password confidentially to protect your account.
You are responsible for the activities in and with your account.

Please pay attention to the choice of a secure password and if possible do not use this for other password-protected portals and websites. Please ensure that the access and use within your account is done exclusively by you and authorized users. If there are facts justifying the assumption that unauthorized third parties have learned of your access data, Cisali should be notified immediately so that Cisali can block or amend it.

To report a defibrillator, Cisali needs at least the following information:

• Name of the place / business
• Full address including country
• Category

The provision of personal data is not required here, but can be done on a voluntary basis (for example, telephone number of a contact person), if you agree.

To register as a first responder, we need the following information:
• The country where you work as a first responder.
• The mobile number to notify the first responder in an emergency.
• The type of qualification as well as proof of this in order to determine the quality of the first responders.
• The location of the first aider so that the system can determine at the time of the alert if a first responder is in the vicinity of the emergency.

All information entered in connection with the above functions must be truthful. Cisali reserves the right to block users if it is suspected that untruthful information was provided when registering or using the website or app.

The app and the website are provided free of charge. The data transferred on your mobile phone may, depending on your mobile phone contract, generate costs or be deducted from your data plan. Cisali therefore tries to keep the amount of data as low as possible. Any resulting mobile costs are to be borne by the user of the Cisali app.

Use of our services
You are required to adhere to the policies that apply to our services.
Do not misuse our services in an abusive manner. Cisali may suspend or discontinue the use of the Services to you if a violation or suspected misconduct is discernable in our Terms of Use or policies.

By using our services, you will not acquire any copyrights or intellectual property rights in our services or the content you access. You may not use content from our services unless you have obtained permission from the copyright holder or are otherwise authorised to use it.

These Terms of Use do not give you the right to use any of the trademarks, trademarks or logos that we use in our services.

Legal references related to our services may not be removed or altered.
In our services you also see content that is not from Cisali. These are the sole responsibility of the person providing them, as we do not adopt them.
If we review content for its illegality or violation of policies and we reasonably believe that it violates our policies or applicable law, we may remove that content.

Duties of users
As a user of our platform, you are obliged to adhere to the following statements:
• You comply with all applicable laws.
• They only provide us with correct information and ensure that it is always up to date.
• You use your real name in your profile.
• You use the Services only as appropriate and in the appropriate manner.
• You maintain confidentiality of all details and circumstances of a first aid measure or of all facts known to you during a first aid incident, including and in particular, the personal data of the patient and alerter that you encounter at the place of use (eg name, address, information on Health status).
• You are aware that in the course of your duties you must diligently fulfill the data protection regulations and the individual and professional confidentiality obligations resulting from this declaration of consent, and that a breach of duty may have criminal consequences for you personally.
• You are aware that the alerting of the first aider does not replace the placing of an emergency call at the responsible control center.

Notice to revoke
You can revoke the registration of a location, the registration as a first responder or your user account at any time. Just fill in our cancellation form.

Privacy and copyright protection
Cisali is committed to protecting your privacy and collects, processes and uses your personal information as necessary for the purpose of the Platform.
How Cisali handles your personal information and protects your privacy is explained in Cisali's Privacy Policy.

Cisali responds to reports of alleged copyright infringement and terminates the accounts of repeat infringers.

Updates and termination of Cisali services
Cisali is constantly changing and optimising both the app and the website. For example, functions can be added, adjusted or removed, taking into account the respective interests.

You can stop using our services at any time, even if we regret this.

Your content in our services
If you post Cisali's proprietary content, you grant us, free of charge, the necessary, non-exclusive, worldwide and indefinite rights to use the Content to our affiliates. This use is exclusively for the purpose of providing the respective service and only to the extent necessary to use.

For the provision of our services, for example, content must be stored and hosted on servers. For this reason, the right of use particularly includes the right to reproduce the contents technically.

You also grant Cisali the right to make your content publicly available, provided that you intend to make it publicly available because of the nature of the service in question or if you have expressly consented to make it publicly available. This right is lifted by deleting a content that you have set and ends at the moment when you delete any content you have posted from our service. Be sure that if you do upload content to our services, that you have the necessary rights to do so.

Report of a defibrillator location
If you are using our services and registering new defibrillator locations, please make sure prior to registration that the operator or the owner of this device agrees with the publication.

If you upload images to a defibrillator in our services, you agree to the following:
• You agree that the images you provide will be reproduced, in unmodified or modified form, by Citizens Save Lives Association Limited (Cisali), without any restriction on the temporal, spatial or content use and for all purposes of use and can be displayed publicly.
• You, the creator of the photo, grant Cisali the exclusive right to use the photographs made. The right to use also includes digitization and electronic image processing, such as retouching or montage. The resale of the pictures is not permitted.
• Cisali assures that the images will not be used for any purpose of tort, tort or reputation-damaging.
• You acknowledge that the clearance covers all claims that you have for the production, reproduction, distribution, display or public reproduction of the images to Cisali or third parties acting with its consent.
• Please make sure that there are no faces or logos in the photos and that the focus of the image is on the defibrillator.
• If you take pictures inside buildings, please make sure that the owner of the defibrillator agrees

If you submit feedback regarding our services to Cisali, you agree that Cisali may use and share this feedback without compensation to you for any purpose (but is not obligated to do so).

About application software in our services
To use our services, it may be necessary to download an app. This application can be automatically updated on your mobile device as soon as a new version or feature is available.You can adjust the auto-update settings on your mobile device. Cisali grants you the personal, worldwide, non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use the software provided by Cisali through the Services. This license is solely for the purpose of enabling you to use the services provided by Cisali in accordance with the Terms of Use set forth herein. You may not reproduce, modify, distribute, sell or rent any part of our services or the software contained therein. In addition, you must not reverse engineer this software or attempt to extract its source code. Exceptions apply only if they are legally permitted or you have a written consent from Cisali.

Warranty and disclaimer
Except as expressly stated otherwise in these Terms of Use or in the Additional Terms, neither Cisali nor its affiliates make any specific representations or warranties with respect to the Services.

For example, Cisali makes no representations regarding the contents of the App or the Website, any specific functionality of the Services or their reliability, availability or suitability for your purposes. We are not responsible for the quality, safety and reliability of our services.

You use the content and information of other persons published on our services at your own risk.

The services are offered in their current form. Note that to do this, the app needs to be updated as updates become available.

For the full use of all services a connection to the internet is necessary.
Cisali provides the website www.cisali.com and the Android and IOS version of the Cisali app in general.

The contained location data of the recorded defibrillators as well as other contained data are recorded and maintained by Cisali or other persons or institutions authorised by Cisali for this purpose. This care is done to the best of our knowledge and with the utmost care. A guarantee for the correctness of the data as well as any kind of other liability is not accepted.

We do not guarantee that the user has the right to use the defibrillator. We do not guarantee that the defibrillator is physically located at the specified location nor that it is available, operational, or geographically correct at all times.

The app "Cisali" is also aimed at trained first responders, such as doctors, paramedics, nurses, etc. The app provides only the contact between a person seeking help and an alerted first responder.

The alerted first aider is responsible for deciding on a case-by-case basis whether and which medical measures he deems to be indicated and suitable to be carried out.
The author of the Cisali app is not liable for any damage to software or hardware or financial loss resulting from the use of the app, unless they are based on a grossly negligent or intentional act of the author, his vicarious agents or his legal representatives.

In principle, Cisali assumes no liability for the health, body or life of the users resulting from the use of the App.

You are required to back up the data of your telephone at any time before installation and afterwards. Although we always strive to keep the app virus-free, we do not guarantee it.

You are not entitled to continuous and uninterrupted availability of the app. However, we endeavor to achieve the highest possible availability and to rectify faults as quickly as possible.

In addition, we have the right to suspend our service temporarily or permanently without you informing you individually.

About these Terms of Use
Cisali reserves the right to update the Privacy Policy as necessary to adapt it to the Website and the App for content as well as general legal changes. All new features will be published on our website.
If you do not agree with any changes, you can delete your account and the app. Your continued use of our Services after we have posted or notified the changes to these Terms means that you agree to the updated terms.

Final Provisions
Should provisions of these terms of use be or become ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

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